Our Work

2018 Demo Reel

Curious Cutaways

Curious Cutaways is a group of illustrations that are intended to explain cutting edge technologies to children.  These were printed at 2 feet by 3 feet, and were on display for several months in the Ames Public Library.

Bioeconomy Institute

I developed this animation as part of a larger project describing how an autothermal pyrolysis system works.  I was given a rough blueprint and developed this model and animation. 

Practical Engineering

We worked with the Youtube channel "Practical Engineering" to build the 3D models and animation for the following videos.

Wind Turbine Assembly Video

This animation was developed for a professor at Iowa State University who was designing a new breed of wind turbine towers for the US Department of Energy.

Bit and Pieces

At Convergence Media Lab we love 3D modeling.  Here are a few of our favorite objects that we've made over the years.